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Useful Books on Wallpaper for the Historic House

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Recommended Core Reference Works

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Author Title Published Notes
Lynn, Catherine Wallpaper in America 1980 [The best single-volume history.]
Nylander, Richard C. Wallpapers for Historic Buildings 1992 2d rev. ed.
Nylander, Richard C., Elizabeth Redmond, and Penny J. Sander Wallpaper in New England 1986  
Oman, Charles C. and Jean Hamilton Wallpapers, An International History and Illustrated Survey from the Victoria and Albert Museum 1982  
Saunders, Gill Wallpaper in Interior Decoration 2002 Survey by a curator at the Victoria & Albert Museum.
Thornton, Peter Authentic Decor, The Domestic Interior 1620-1920 1984 Covers wallpaper and other decoration.
Winkler, Gail Caskey and Roger W. Moss Victorian Interior Decoration: American Interiors, 1830-1900 1986 Discusses wallpaper and other decoration by period.

Other Recommended Works

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Author Title Published Notes
Ackerman, Phyllis Wallpaper, its History, Design and Use 1923  
Aslin, Elizabeth The Aesthetic Movement 1969  
Bieri, Helen and Bernard Jacqué Papiers Peints Art Nouveau 1997  
Bridgeman, Harriet, and Elizabeth Drury (eds) The Encyclopedia of Victoriana 1975 Contains useful articles, see Samuel J. Dornsife on "Wallpaper," for example.
Carlisle, Lillian Baker Hat Boxes and Bandboxes at Shelburne Museum 1960 Illustrates 18th and 19th–century wallpaper patterns used to line hat boxes.
Clark, Fiona William Morris: Wallpapers and Chintzes 1973  
Clouzot, Henri Tableaux-Tentures de Dufour & Leroy c. 1930  
Durant, Stuart Victorian Ornamental Design 1972  
Entwisle, Eric A. The Book of Wallpaper 1954  
Entwisle, Eric A. French Scenic Wallpapers, 1800-1860 1972  
Entwisle, Eric A. A Literary History of Wallpaper 1960  
Entwisle, Eric A. Wallpapers of the Victorian Era 1964  
Fowler, John and John Cornforth English Decoration in the 18th Century 1974  
Frangiamore, Catherine Lynn Wallpapers in Historic Preservation 1977 A small paperback; see Catherine Lynn listed below.
Gordon-Clark, Jane Paper Magic 1991  
Greysmith, Brenda Wallpaper 1976  
Hicks, David Wallpaper: A History 1982  
Hoskins, Lesley, ed The Papered Wall: history, pattern, technique 1994  
Hunter, George L. Decorative Textiles 1918  
Jennings, Arthur Seymour Wallpapers and Wall Coverings 1903  
Justema, William Pattern: A Historical Panorama 1976  
Justema, William The Pleasures of Pattern 1968  
McClelland, Nancy V. Historic Wall-Papers from Their Inception to the Introduction of Machinery 1924  
Musee des Arts Decoratifs Trois Siecles de Papiers Peints 1967  
Nouvel, Odile Wallpapers of France, 1800-1850 1981  
Olligs, Heinrich, ed. Tapeten Ihre Geschichte bis zur Gegenwart 1970  
Oman, Charles C. Catalogue of Wallpaper 1929  
Rosoman, T. London Wallpapers: Their Manufacture and Use, 1690–1840 1992  
Sanborn, Kate Old Time Wall Papers 1905  
Spencer, Isobel Walter Crane 1975  
Sugden, Alan V. and J.L. Edmondson A History of English Wallpaper, 1509-1914 1925  
Wellman, Rita Victoria Royal: The Flowering of a Style 1939  
Whitworth Art Gallery Historic Wallpapers in the Whitworth Art Gallery 1972