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Old House of Delegates, Virginia State Capitol, Richmond.  LCA designed and supervised the manufacture of carpets, curtains, and drapery returning the space to its early twentieth–century appearance. (Tom Crane photograph)


Welcome to the web site of Gail Caskey Winkler, PhD, FASID, and Roger W. Moss, PhD, who literally ‘wrote the book’ on the restoration of nineteenth–century American buildings.  With offices in Philadelphia and Maine, their partnership (LCA Associates) enjoys a national practice specializing in public buildings, museum houses, and commercial properties dating from the late eighteenth through the early twentieth centuries.  Their particular expertise is the recreation of authentic interiors––including window drapery and curtaining, wallpapers, floor coverings, lighting––and historic interior and exterior painted finishes.  The firm works independently with its clients, in coordination with the staffs of historic sites and museums, or as a sub–contractor to architectural firms.

LCA Associates produces historic structure reports, historic furnishing plans and implements the recreation of historic interiors for landmark properties throughout the United States.  In addition to their many publications, Winkler & Moss lecture widely and assist corporations and not–for–profit institutions to develop historically authentic products and both private owners and municipalities to select historic colors.

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