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Useful Books on Lighting for the Historic House

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Recommended Core Reference Works

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Author Title Published Notes
Blühm, Andreas and Louise Lippincott Light: The Industrial Age 1750-1900 2000 A brilliant exhibition catalogue tracing the impact of lighting over 150 years.
Dillon, Maureen Artificial Sunshine: A Social History of Domestic Lighting 2002  
Moss, Roger W. Lighting for Historic Buildings 1988 Chapters on the history of various types of lighting from colonial to early 20th century. Illustrates reproduction fixtures available from manufacturers at time of publication.
Myers, Denys Peter Gaslighting in America: A Guide for Historic Preservation 1978 Useful photographs.
O'Dea, W. T. The Social History of Lighting 1958 While now half a century old, this is still a useful book for its discussion of the impact of lighting technology.
Wolfe, John J. Brandy, Balloons, & Lamps: Ami Argand, 1750-1803 1999 Important book on the inventor of the first adjustable lamp which had revolutionary consequences.
Worthington, William E. Jr. Beyond the City Lights: American Domestic Gas Lighting Systems 1985  

Other Recommended Works

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Author Title Published Notes
-- Country House Lighting, 1660-1890 1992  
Bacot, H. Parrott Nineteenth-Century Lighting: Candle-Powered Devices, 1783-1883 1987 Many photographs.
Bazerman, Charles The Languages of Edison's Light 1999  
Bourne, Jonathan, and Vanessa Brett Lighting the Domestic Interior: Renaissance to Art Nouveau 1991  
Bowers, Brian Lengthening the Day: A History of Lighting Technology 1998  
Brown, C. N. J. W. Swan and the Invention of the Incandescent Electric Lamp 1978  
Butler, Joseph T. Candleholders in America, 1650-1900 1967  
Caspall, John Making Fire & Light in the Home Pre-1820 1987 Useful book for those interested in the 18th and early 19th-century Anglo-American interior.
Cooke, Lawrence S., ed. Lighting in America: From Colonial Rushlights to Victorian Chandeliers 1975  
Cuffley, Peter A Complete Catalogue and History of Oil and Kerosene Lamps in Australia 1973  
Delieb, Eric, and Michael Roberts Matthew Boulton: Master Silversmith 1971 Manufacturer of handsome lamps using the Argand burner.
Dietz, Ulysses G. (ed.) Victorian Lighting: [reprint of] The Dietz Catalogue of 1860 1982 Useful reprint to document the work of this large manufacturer.
Duncan, Alastair Art Nouveau and Art Deco Lighting 1978  
Editors of the Pyne Press Lamps & Other Lighting Devices, 1850-1906 1972 Reproduces several early lighting catalogues, including those of the Cornelius firm.
Feldstein, William, Jr., and Alastair Duncan The Lamps of Tiffany Studios 1983  
Ferro, Maximilian and Melissa L. Cook Electric Wiring and Lighting in Historic American Buildings 1984 An obscure publication of great use in tracing the history of early electrical lighting.
Friedel, Robert D. and Paul Israel Edison’s Electric Light: Biography of an Invention 1986  
Gilbert, Christopher, and Anthony Wells–Cole The Fashionable Fire Place, 1660-1840 1985  
Gould, G. Glen. Period Lighting Fixtures 1928  
Griffiths, John The Third Man: The Life and Times of William Murdoch, 1754–1839, The Inventor of Gas Lighting 1992 History of early coal gas industry.
Grove, John Robert Antique Brass Candlesticks, 1450-1750 1967 Useful illustrations.
Hamerton, Ian (ed) W. A. S. Benson: Arts and Crafts Luminary and Pioneer of Modern Design 2005  
Hayward, Arthur H. Colonial Lighting. 3d ed 1962 [This edition contains a supplement on Colonial Chandeliers by James R. Marsh.]
Hebard, Helen B. Early Lighting in New England, 1620-1861 1964  
Henriot, Gabriel Encyclopedia of Lighting Instruments 1973  
Hough, Walter Development of Illumination. Reprint of the 1902 edition. 1992  
Ilin, M. Turning Night into Day: The Story of Lighting 1936  
Kay, Gersil N. Fiber Optics in Architectural Lighting 1999 Fiber optic lighting systems are increasingly being used in historic buildings -- both museums and private homes; this is one of the best books on the topic.
Laing, Alastair Lighting 1982  
Maril, Nadja American Lighting, 1840-1940 1995  
Martens, Rachel The How-to Book of Repairing, Rewiring and Restoring Lamps and Lighting Fixtures 1979  
McDonald, Ann G. Evolution of the Night Lamp 1979  
Meadows, Cecil A. Discovering Oil Lamps 1972  
O'Dea, W. T. Lighting 1: Early Oil Lamps, Candles 1966  
O'Dea, W. T. Lighting 2: Gas, Mineral Oil, Electricity 1967  
Perry, David H. Out of Darkness 1969  
Phillips, Derek Planning Your Lighting 1976  
Poese, Bill Lighting Through the Years 1976  
Robins, F. W. The Story of the Lamp (and the Candle) 1939  
Rushlight Club Early Lighting 1972  
Russell, Loris S. A Heritage of Light 1968  
Schroder, Michael The Argand Burner: Its Origin and Development in France and England, 1780-1803 1969  
Smith, Elmer L. Tinware: Yesterday and Today 1974  
Smith, John P. The Art of Enlightenment: A History of Glass Chandelier Manufacture and Design 1994  
Thuro, Catherine M. V. Oil Lamps 1976  
Thuro, Catherine M. V. Oil Lamps II 1983  
Thwing, Leroy L. Flickering Flames 1958  
Thwing, Leroy L. Old Lamps of Central Europe and Other Lighting Devices 1963  
Thwing, Leroy L., and Julius Daniels A Dictionary of Old lamps and Other Lighting Devices 1952  
Wadsworth Atheneum Let There Be Light 1964  
Watkins, C. Malcolm Artificial Lighting in America, 1830-1860. Smithsonian Report for 1951 1952  
Webster, Thomas, and Mrs. Parkes An Encyclopedia of Domestic Economy 1844 ff. 1844 and later editions. Illustrates typical lamps and fixtures of the time.
Wills, Geoffrey Candlesticks 1974