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Useful books on Technology (Heating, Plumbing, Kitchens) for the Historic House

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Recommended Core Reference Works

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Author Title Published Notes
Beecher, Catharine and Harriet Beecher Stow The American Woman's Home 1869 Reprint. Hartford, CT: Stowe-Day Foundation, 1975. A window into the American home in the years following the Civil War.
Handlin, David P. The American Home: Architecture and Society, 1815-1915 1979 Another thoughtful classic that continues to be read.
Konzo, Seichi The Quiet Indoor Revolution: Changes in Home Heating and Cooling, 1910-1990 1992 Best book on the subject.
Nylander, Jane C. Our Own Snug Fireside: Images of the New England Home, 1760-1860 1993  
Ogle, Maureen All the Modern Conveniences: American Household Plumbing, 1840-1890 1996  
Winkler, Gail Caskey The Well-Appointed Bath 1989 Reprint of trade catalogues with scholarly essay.

Other Recommended Works

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Author Title Published Notes
Ames, Kenneth L. and Gerald W. R. Ward (eds) Decorative Arts and Household Furnishings in America, 1650-1920 1989 Includes an article by Donna R. Braden, "Kitchen Artifacts and Housework" and an article by Ulysses Grant Dietz on "Plumbing, Heating, and Lighting."
Curtis, Will and Jane Antique Woodstoves: Artistry in Iron 1974  
Davies, Jennifer The Victorian Kitchen 1989  
Faye, E. Dudden Serving Women: Household Service in Nineteenth-Century America 1983 Useful information on household servants.
Fitch, James Marston American Building: The Environmental Forces that Shaped It. 2nd edition. 1972  
Garrett, Elizabeth D. At Home: the American Family, 1750-1870 1990  
Giedion, Siegfried Mechanization Takes Command 1969 The 1969 reprint of the 1948 classic that remains well worth reading.
Gilbert, Christopher and Wells-Cole, Anthony The Fashionable Fire Place, 1660-1840 1985  
Groft, Tammis Kane Cast with Style: Nineteenth-Century Cast-Iron Stoves from the Albany Area 1981  
Kira, Alexander The Bathroom 1977  
Kranzberg, Melvin and Carroll W. Pursell (ed) Technology in Western Civilization. 2 vols. 1967 Contains articles by Anthony N.B. Garvan on "Effects of Technology of Domestic Life, 1830-1880" and by Melvin M. Rotsch on "The Home Environment."
Lambton, Lucinda Chambers of Delight 1983  
Lambton, Lucinda Temples of Convenience 1978  
Lasdun, Susan Victorians at Home 1981  
Lupton, Ellen and J. Abbott Miller The Bathroom, the Kitchen, and the Aesthetics of Waste 1996  
Maddock's Sons Company Pottery (A History of the Pottery Industry and its Evolution as Applied to Sanitation) 1910  
Muir, Frank An Irreverent and Almost Complete Social History of the Bathroom 1983  
Palmer, Roy The Water Closet: A New History 1973  
Peterson, Charles E. (ed) Building Early America 1976 Includes articles by Eugene S. Ferguson, "An Historical Sketch of Central Heating: 1800-1860"; Diana S. Waite, "Roofing in Early America"; Kenneth M. Wilson, "Window Glass in America"; and Loris S. Russell, "Early Nineteenth–Century Lighting."
Reyburn, Wallace Flushed with Pride: The Story of Thomas Crapper 1971 Yes, there was a Thomas Crapper who was a major British plumbing contractor who ultimately became the sanitary engineer to the Royal Family.
Schultz, Stanley K. Constructing Urban Culture: American Cities and City Planning, 1800-1920 1988  
Strasser, Susan Never Done: A History of American Housework 1982  
Wright, Lawrence Clean and Decent: The Fascinating History of the Bathroom and the Water Closet 1960